Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: Young, Gifted and Dead - Lucy Carver

Young, Gifted and Dead (St Jude's Academy, #1)

Review: Young , Gifted and Dead - Book #1 St Jude's Academy - Lucy Carver - October 2013

St Jude's Academy is a private boarding school for the gifted, talented and extremely rich. For Alyssa , she isn't any of those. The only reason that she managed to score a place at the St Jude's Academy is because her parents died and left her with an Aunt who wasn't much of a parental figure and due to Alyssa's eidetic photographic memory , when she sat the scholarship exam - she passed with flying colours as sometimes having a memory like hers comes in handy. However, her first semester at St Jude's is about to be an interesting life experience that she will never forget and if she isn't careful, then it may be the last one she spends anywhere. When Alyssa arrives at St Jude's , she is roomed with Paige and Lily. Paige is in love with horses more than people and Lily is vibrant and full of life but on the other hand , she is moody and erratic. The novel starts with Alyssa's first semester at St Jude's ending in a party with the hottest guy in the school Jack Cavendish , things are going great until her roommate Lily turns up dead. At first everyone is convinced it was suicide, that is everyone but Alyssa and Paige as they knew Lily and this wasn't something that she would do. As they go further into Lily's life they discover her secrets and we learn that someone wanted her killed as not to expose them. Can Alyssa with the help of her new friends discover the truth of what happened to Lily ? However, what will happen to them when they discover that the reason behind her death is bigger than they could ever imagine ?
Find out in Young, Gifted and Dead by Lucy Carver today - Book #1 in the St Jude's Academy series.


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