Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: You Make Me - Erin McCarthy

You Make Me (Blurred Lines, #1)

Review: You Make Me - Book #1 Blurred Lines Series - Erin McCarthy - April 2014

Growing up in a small coastal town Caitlyn and her family took in foster kids and one summer in particular Caitlyn fell in love with her foster brother Heath. They spent an amazing and passionate year together and she thought he would be her forever, that was until he vanished without a word and broke her heart. To the world , she was Cat - the easy going and free spirited girl who was in love with Heath. After he left, she went off to college and became good girl Caitlyn - sorority sister etc. It was at college that she met Ethan , he was going places and though Heath was her soulmate , she knew she had to move on and Ethan was the right choice. All was well until the night Ethan proposed to her in his frat house that he was the President of. In the background, she saw a glint of the back of someone's head - it seemed familiar. Turns out that the somebody is Heath whom she hasn't heard from in Four years. What is he doing back and why now ? Caitlyn introduces Heath to Ethan as her long-lost brother , but the chemistry is still alive and well between the two of them. Can Heath win Caitlyn back and explain to why he has been absent ? Or has Caitlyn really moved on with Ethan and the real hidden truth is which one of the boys will make her happy in the end , truly happy ?  
You Make Me by Erin McCarthy is one of those books where no matter how dysfunctional your past is and how much you wish to change yourself, even if you think it's for the best - often our true selves will always be revealed.  We just have to remember that what happens in the past doesn't define us and we can be anything we want to be as long as we remain true inside.


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