Monday, August 17, 2015

VBT# The Counting Downers - AJ Compton

The Counting-Downers

Review: The Counting Downers - A.J Compton - July 2015

Did you ever see that movie Runner with Justin Timberlake ? Where each day, you had on your arm how long you had left to live ? Or have you read the book series "Numbers" by Rachel Ward where each person had a number of the day they would die above their head ? This book reminded me of both of those but with a dangerous twist . The Counting Downers is a world where each and everyone has a number above their head and it's slowly counting down till the day they die . When each person in this civilisation is 18, they start to view the numbers of those around them as apparently that is the age where you are mature enough to handle death and not try and do anything stupid like tell the person you love that their days are numbering down quickly. If you do tell the person, then you destined yourself and them to a long never ending slumber which others have nicknamed Lovers Suicide. This is a world where you have to be strong and brave and cherish the time you have left with the people you love and make as many memories as you can. You have to not crumble when you realise that they are going to die today and that this is the last time you will ever see them ?
If you found someone to be your soulmate , would you risk everything and live in the present knowing their date of death ? Would you love them till the very last minute or would it not be enough ? 
 The Counting Downers tells the story of Matilda and Tristan whom are in their late 20's and their lives and what the numbers does to them. Will they embrace what they have now or will they push apart in order to save them from eternal hurt when they die ?
Find out in The Counting Downers by AJ Compton and BTW I have a cover crush on this book.


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