Thursday, August 6, 2015

VBT # Red Blooded - Caitlin Sinead

Peyton Arthur's life has always revolved around her parents and she has always been in the spotlight from the fact that her father Richard Arthur wrote a book which featured Peyton and her life experiences in a lot and then he passed away which made Peyton stand out more in the spotlight and now her mother is on the political trail to become VP to the President of the United States and currently on a campaign to win voters. As Peyton understands this is important, so she has to be good as one wrong move could damage her mother's chance and outlook to the voting people. However, things are about to get a little messed up along the way as their are rumours circulating that Peyton's father Richard was in fact not her real dad. How could this be ? Peyton has always known that she has red hair and amber eyes and figured that they were recessive genes as she does resemble a bit of her mother's side of the family. So begins the trail of uncovering who her father is and was , hoping to keep her out of trouble her mother's campaign manager Bain hires Dylan to become her watcher/ babysitter but what will happen when the pair of them start to develop feelings for each other ? What will happen when Peyton starts digging and finds more about her birth than she ever bargained for ? Will having the truth revealed damage her mother's career  or will Peyton keep it on the sly to protect those she loves ?
Find out in Red Blooded by Caitlin Sinead.  Fans of Political New Adult Novels like The Phoenix Candidate Series by Heidi Joy Trethaway.


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