Saturday, August 1, 2015

VBT# The Dating Intervention - Hilary Dartt

The Dating Intervention (Book 1 in the Intervention Series)

Review: The Dating Intervention - Book #1 The Intervention Series - Hilary Dartt - August 2015

Delaney Collin's is turning 34 and has discovered her life really isn't going anywhere. As she still works in a bar - even though she graduated from Vet Studies , she has no children and she hasn't had a steady relationship -not since the guy of her dreams proposed to not only her but also another girl. Ever since then Delaney has been living life on the edge and having no strings attached fun with guys , but when all three decide to dump her for different reasons - A) She can't settle down , B) She wasn't really career orientated and C) she was boring. Something needs to be done and so Delaney's friends step up to the plate and therefore begins The Dating Intervention. There are several rules, she can only go on dates with the guys that they pick, she can't have sex with them -not instantly , she has to get a new job. Things are proving harder than they can be though for Delaney as the dates have been awful except one she keeps running into the new cop Jake Rhoades - can Delaney put aside her past history and open her heart to settling with Jake or is it a case of "Always a player, never a settler" ? With not much job experience except Bar Work -Delaney is finding it hard to get a job but when one comes up in the Vet Field - will she be able to handle the job or is her Vet skills out of practice ? 
This was a fun light-hearted chick lit girlfriend friendship story and that no matter what happens in life - if you have great friends, they are always there to pull you out of whatever rut you land in.


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