Saturday, August 1, 2015

VBT# Tea and Madness - C. Streetlights

Firstly this has to be one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen which is what drew me to the book and then the book title "Tea and Madness" reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and I was intrigued. As I started reading, it became a memoir which kept me wanting to read more , it became a tale of madness with sadness and grief. Tea and Madness is a collection of events and seasons in the author's life. She has written the book in poetry verse to capture the imagery of the events from the grieving of a lost baby which sadly is something that is more common than we want it to be as having a discussion at work, nearly each woman I talked to has experienced a miscarrige or knew someone who had lost a baby, understanding the horrible emotions of depression, anger and betrayal. I have to admit in parts this book made me tear up and eyes water as you really do go on an emotional rollercoaster with the author and what she has shared. The author has been through so much as she also talks about surviving rape. What I did love about this book though was that I am a tea drinker and throughout the book scattered are little facts and tidbits about teas and different kinds and the history. If you are one who can stomach reading about someone's tragedy and needing a book to show you that even in the darkest moments of life, there is a light at the end of the tunnel - not to sound cliched but in darkness there is light and that though you may not feel that there is a way out or if you feel like the darkness is slipping you under, remember life can get better and that you are not alone.
Tea and Madness - A Memoir by C.Streetlights is a powerful, emotionally charged and inspirational book that will leave it tugging on your heartstrings as you flip through the pages.



  1. Thanks for the lovely review. -Mel (book manager)

  2. Thanks for the lovely review. -Mel (book manager)


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