Monday, August 10, 2015

Review: The Inn at Ocean's Edge - Colleen Coble

The Inn at Ocean's Edge (Sunset Cove #1)

Review: The Inn at Ocean's Edge - Book #1 Sunset Cove - Colleen Coble - April 2015

When Claire Dellamore arrives at Ocean's Edge, a part of her feels like she has been here before . That can't be though as she doesn't remember ever coming here and when she asks her parents - no answers are recieved. Things will get a little bit crazy when one of the receptionists goes missing and turns up dead with a letter that says that Claire Dellamore isn't whom she claims to be. This starts Claire on a track to find out some answers to questions that have been bothering her and she learns that on her 4th birthday Claire disappeared for one year and then she later returned and no-one knew where she had been. Around the time of her disappearance another local woman went missing - Luke's mother and she hasn't been seen since that night. Does Claire remember what happened that night ? Armed with Luke who knows the town , Claire and Luke will retrace her steps to rediscover the truth about what happened that night but in doing so , Claire will open a massive bucket of secrets that have been locked away for many years.  Can those who have worked so hard to keep things quiet, silence Claire and Luke before it's too late ? Or are their dark forces at play that never want the truth to be revealed as when it is , danger is surely to strike ?
What started out as just a single mystery turned near the end of the book into a full-on interwoven tale of hidden family secrets and a truth of what really happened that night and that sometimes people will believe what they want to believe - no matter what the evidence in front of them reveals.
If you are looking for an enjoyable Romantic Suspense by a great Christian Author - Check out Book #1 in the Sunset Cove Series "The Inn at Ocean's Edge" today as you will not be disappointed.


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