Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: Just One Reason - Brooklyn Skye

Just One Reason (Entangled Lovestruck)

Review: Just One Reason - Book #5 What Happens in Vegas Series - Brooklyn Skye - August 2015

All Melody Sumner has ever wanted to do is get into publishing as she has loved books ever since she first discovered her mother's stash of romances. The thing though is that Melody is dyslexic and her words and writing skills are poor and often come out in a muddle e.g instead of spaghetti and meatballs we read it as she calls it basgetti and meatballs. Melody has been invited to Vegas for a Romance Writers convention and a way to rub shoulders with agents, publicists - the best thing for her career , that is if she doesn't stuff it up and so far she isn't doing too well.  The thing though is that Melody does have a career to fall back on, but it's not one that she wants to be a part of, as her father owns the Masquerade Hotel in Las Vegas where coincidentally is where the convention is being held. At the hotel, she meets Declan Waterford who is working in a band to help raise funds for his older brother Brendan's surgery back in Ireland after a tragic accident. The thing is though that Declan is a tad uncouth and doing so, isn't getting him any closer to his goal. Enter Melody , she's hot and wants Piano lessons and Declan is willing to give it to her, if she passes on a good word to her Dad and gets him the coveted gig in the VIP lounge. As the pair get closer, we notice chemistry but can a good girl and bad boy work out ? Can they both fulfill their dreams and goals or will one of them realise that for happiness to occur that they will have to sacrifice it ?
For a light-hearted New Adult HEA romance, check out Brooklyn Skye's latest installment in the What Happens in Vegas series "Just One Reason".


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