Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review: Hold Me - Susan Mallery

Hold Me (Fool's Gold, #16)

Review: Hold Me - Book #16 Fool's Gold Series - Susan Mallery - April 2015

Though I admit I do love my mysteries and thriller novels , every now and again I feel the need and desire to read something happy and romantic with a feel-good tune to it and one of my favourite series that I have encountered is Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold. Fool's Gold is set in a tiny town called Fool's Gold that is mainly run by woman , it is a very matriachal community and once you read on- you will discover what the positives in this are especially when it comes to Mayor Marsha and how she runs the town. Reading books like this always makes me yearn for a small-town where everybody knows one another and you get this amazing small-town caring feel. It's like your town is in it's own part of the world - it's very own bubble if you like. In Hold Me, we meet Destiny Mills who works with developing software and training the search and rescue teams - a far cry from the life she grew up in as her parents are famous country singers. Though life for Destiny wasn't all rainbows and sunshine, which is why she has shied away from the spotlights and now she is doing her job and moving around from place to place. This summer though is going to be a life-changing one as she has an extra body - a half-sister she has only known for two weeks is coming to live with her for the summer as she is her only legal guadian. Now Destiny must learn how to look after a teenager Starr and do her job.  It seems though that maybe Fool's Gold will be the right place for Destiny to discover who she is as she has a love interest in Kipling whom has moved to Fool's Gold after a skiing accident in New Zealand ( being from New Zealand - I loved this part) and a job opportunity from Marsha.  Has Destiny finally found a place to call home and  met someone /somewhere she can settle ? 
Find out in this HEA contemporary romance "Hold Me" by Susan Mallery. Book #16 in the smalltown romance series "Fool's Gold".


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