Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: Need - Joelle Charbonneau


Review: Need - Joelle Charbonneau - November 2015

Imagine if you could get anything you needed ? What would you pick ? Would you be able to easily define the difference between a Need and a Want ? A new Social Media site has been created and the only requirements is A) that you are a student of Nottawa High School and firstly that you invite 5 friends to the site and B) you list your need. If you follow the instructions then your need is granted and you will recieve what you need. As the site gets busier and soon all the students are on the site , the stakes become higher for everyone's needs to be met . You have to do a challenge for the need to be recieved from delivering cookies to a random girl to digging a pretend grave or leaving a note. The object though is to remain anonymous as if you tell , then you are out and your Need won't be met and dangerous consequences will start to happen. For Kayla , her need isn't as simple as her best friend Nate's brothers - who wanted a new Iphone, she wants a kidney for her brother DJ. As people start dying and the challenges get tougher and the stakes raising, with the site being anonymous and one of the rules is " DO NOT TELL A SOUL" who can you turn to as Kayla will discover that once you sign up for Need there is no turning back and going to the cops ,will make you a target and look like the crazy one.
Need was a fast-paced book that sucked you into the world of Social Media and showed readers that often people will do whatever it takes to recieve something that they need/want as remember - there is no such thing as a free lunch - we all should know better than that as readers, think back to what you have done in the pass to possess something that you either needed or wanted - what did you do to get it ?


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