Friday, August 28, 2015

Review: Sugar Baby Beautiful - JJ McAvoy

Sugar Baby Beautiful 

Review: Sugar Baby Beautiful - JJ McAvoy - August 2015

One of my most favourite authors that I find edgy and love reading is JJ McAvoy, so when I was given the chance to read the newest book by this author , I jumped at the chance and I loved it to bits. This was definitely one of those books that will send you spiralling down the rabbit hole and into a world filled with twists and turns that you never expected coming . The book starts off with three friends Cleo, Mark and our main female character Felicity. Cleo and Mark met Felicity in juvie when they were younger and now they are about to introduce her to the world of Sugar Daddies and Mamas. Felicity ends up attending a Sugar party and meets Theodore Darcy whom is taken aback by Felicity when he discovers her playing music. He wants her , but the thing is she doesn't want him except for sex - she doesn't expect anything in return and so begins an interesting back and forward relationship as lovers and co-workers for Mr Darcy and Felicity. All is going well and positive , until people start digging into Felicity's background and soon she discovers her whole life starting to unravel and secrets, truths and a life she has built up for herself over the years starts to crumble and not slowly either but hard and fast it comes falling down. Not to give the story away and the major twist and turn of events, I shall finish here by leaving you the parting words of "if you are wanting an amazing novel that will suck you right in from page one and as you near the end leaving you bewildered but reading on as you have to see how things play out" then readers Sugar Baby Beautiful by JJ McAvoy is the read that should be Number #1 on your TBR piles for 2015.


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