Monday, August 3, 2015

Review: Beyond Bedrock - Britney King

Beyond Bedrock  (Bedrock, #3)

Review: Beyond Bedrock - Book #3 Bedrock Series - Britney King - June 2015

Are you into dark fiction ? Wanting something to read that is a bit more grittier and edgier than your usual romance story ? Beyond Bedrock takes us into the life of William Hartman and his wife Addison . We discover that William was abused growing up which led him into the world of BDSM where he met his wife Addison whom was trained up by her boss Sondra who features quite a bit in this book.  The book starts with a letter to William from a woman who is locked up in the psych ward - Lydia whom is obsessed with William and feels that they are perfect for one another and are meant to be and she won't let anyone stand in the way of their happiness even if that means elimnating the competition - William's wife Addison. This was quite an interesting read as it delves into the mind of an obsessive stalker who has built a fantasy world in her mind which she believes is a reality and will do anything in her power to make it "real" for her and she is willing to do "whatever" it takes.  The book then jumps to three years ago, when this all started and how Lydia weaved her way into William's and his wife Addison's lives and the steps that led them where they are all today - Lydia in a mental hospital , Addison kidnapped and locked away somewhere and William - searching for his wife and the only one who knows where she is , is the women who is so deranged, she thinks William loves her.
If you love and enjoy Dark Romantic Suspense and have an understanding of mental health and illnesses and the lengths that some people will go to get what they believe is theirs all along, then check out Britney King's edgy book "Beyond Bedrock" which readers, this can be read as a stand-alone or part of the series.


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