Friday, August 14, 2015

Review: Gypsy Beach - Jillian Neal


Gypsy Beach (Gypsy Beach #1) 

 Review: Gypsy Beach - Book #1 Gypsy Beach Series - Jillian Neal - June 2015

Sienna Cooper and Ryan McNamara thought that they would be together forever and that no matter what their parents thought of each other, their love was so strong that nothing could break them and overcome any obstacle thrown in their way. That didn't happen though as Ryan came from money and Sienna was gypsy blood. Though they lived in the same world for the Summers , they were apart in class and on the social status ladder. Their last summer though that they spent together was the start of heartbreak for both Sienna and Ryan as the next day he left without a word as his family packed him up and sent him to college , leaving before he could tell Sienna anything.  During this time, he ended up getting married to a real cow and having a child whom he loves so much. Now ten years later , he is back in Gypsy Beach - wanting to start a new life for him and his daughter , the thing is though that he isn't the only one who has returned to Gypsy Beach after spending just as much time away as Sienna's grandmother has passed away and left her the Inn and now Sienna is wanting to rebuild it and turn it back into a successful Inn . The clinch though is that Ryan's house is right next door to the Inn and he needs a job and fast and since he owns his own construction company - he is perfect.  As the pair spend more time together, they start to rekindle their love but once again - can they make it through hard times as trouble is chucked at them from all sides of the court ? 
Gypsy Beach was such an amazing and sweet contemporary romance and reading it I fell in love with the main characters Sienna and Ryan and the way Sienna treated Ryan's daughter made me awhhh. I am now looking forward to reading the next two books in the series.


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