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VBT# Love Defined - Leila Tualla

Love Defined

Review: Love Defined - Lela Tualla - August 2015

As we grow into adults and set our future paths , the people we are friends with can often change and sometimes the ones that you love most in the world are the ones that you can end up pushing away first as all of a sudden, they don't fit into the types of people you should be hanging with or you discover that you want different things in life and have different hobbies which lead to friends etc. Love Defined by Leila Tualla is that sort of book and it really reminded me of the Britney Spears movie "Crossroads" where three childhood friends get together on the night after Graduation to dig up an old time capsule which leads them spending time together on a road trip to LA. In Love Defined, we have Alex who is just discovering what it is to be a Christian and she is in love with her friend Jack who is studying to be a Pastor but the romantic cynic in her is scaring her away from making the first step in not only love but also her move in Christianity as her parents are devout Catholics and she was brought up in the Catholic church. Lori has met a guy online - Colin and is headed overseas for the first time but what happens when she goes with her grandfather who starts ti treat her like she is not only a child but also a slut, when Lori has never had a proper relationship before. Can Lori stand up for herself and take her life in her hands for a while rather than stepping down and complying with what her family wants and needs are ? 
Third but not least, is Andrea Taylor aka Andy who is the Politician's daughter so she should be all classy and uptight but she is anything but as behind doors with her friends, she lets her hair loose and is a party animal. What will happen though when one night of fun turns into a drunken party where she accidentally sleeps with Alex's bosses son and she falls pregnant ? 
The story then leads up with the three of them taking a ride to an abortion clinic where Andy must make the decision of a lifetime and one that will either break or bond the three girls together forever.
 Love Defined , was one of those College friendship tales where it's not till something major happens in our life that we can come to appreciate the friendships we have established in life and about the people who care for us most when times get hard.


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