Friday, August 14, 2015

Review: Eighth Grave After Dark - Darynda Jones

Eighth Grave After Dark (Charley Davidson, #8)

Review: Eighth Grave After Dark - Book #8 Charley Davidson Series - Darynda Jones - May 2015

One of my favourite paranormal fun series I love reading is the Charley Davidson series, where she is a kick ass Grim Reaper type who reminds me alot of Stephanie Plum. At the end of Book #7 we held our breaths as we discovered that Charley was pregnant and that their was a possibility she would die as her name was on Rocket's wall. She survived thank goodness but we said goodbye to Charley's dad - Mr. Davidson. Now Eight months later, Charley and Reyes have been living on sacred ground in an old convent as there are still demons and hellhounds after them both , especially since Charley is carrying in her stomach - the prophecy girl known as Bleep. The big day is here as Cookie is finally marrying Uncle Bob, though Cookie isn't keen on the honeymoon part as this is her third marriage and more often than not something goes awfully wrong on her honeymoons and she is scared this will ruin her happiness with Uncle Bob. A girl goes missing and it turns out that her kidnapper has a bit more than a serial killer attitude going on and believes she is a reincarnation of the girl he killed , now that Charley's dad is dead - her evil stepmother Denise wants to make amends but how can you ever forgive someone who made your life a living hell on purpose ? Charley has secretly met Reyes's earthly birth parents, but can she tread carefully and keep it a secret from the all-knowing Reyes ? The twist at the end of Book #8 made me go NOOOOOOOOOOOO as Charley just had her baby and then wham bam she wakes up in Sleepy Hollow ......... and not to ruin the major ending of Book #8 I leave now , with the words of I hope the ending is resolved in Book #9 as really Darynda you cannot leave us readers hanging in the wings with Charley's life - we have to know that she makes her way back.


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