Monday, August 31, 2015

VBT# Discovering Delilah - Melissa Foster

Discovering Delilah (Harborside Nights, #2)

Review: Discovering Delilah - Book #2 Harborside Nights Series - Melissa Foster - July 2015

I had enjoyed Melissa Foster's Remington series, so when I read that Discovering Delilah was up for review -I was excited to read it. However, what I didn't expect was that I loved the book so much and now I can't wait to read Catching Cassidy. The other reason I didn't expect to enjoy it so much is that I am normally one to read and rave about GLBT books. I like them, but they don't normally rate as OMG stories, but Discovering Delilah definitely rates as a WOW story. The book starts off with Delilah and her brother Wyatt living in Harborside as they have moved there after their parents were killed in a car accident after Delilah's graduation. Delilah has been struggling and attending a grief support group where she meets Janessa. Janessa and Delilah become fast friends as Janessa understands Delilah and plays a huge part in the story with Delilah growing in herself. We learn that Delilah is a lesbian and attracted to girls, this wouldn't be such a big deal but Delilah's parents were strongly against homosexuality and were quite strict and conservative and when Delilah told them - they weren't happy about it and unfortunately this was the last thing Delilah told them before they died, so of course it's been hanging over her head. In the book Delilah discovers that her best friend Ashley is also a lesbian and coincidentally into her and so the two of them start dating and taking things slow. I really liked the chemistry between Delilah and Ashley and the author seemed to capture the happiness and passion between the pair , so much that it makes the reader joyous as they read each interaction and stage of the relationship through the novel.  If you are wanting an awesome New Adult Contemporary Romance that in parts will make you smile, laugh and cry then Discovering Delilah is the book for you.


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  1. WOW is right! Your review blew me away! Thank you so much for your generosity. I am truly happy that you were so invested in the characters and story. You made my day XOXO


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