Friday, October 23, 2015

VBT# My Buddhist Christmas - Jeremy Phillips

My Buddhist Christmas

Review: My Buddhist Christmas - Jeremy Phillips - September 2015

With Christmas on it's way, I figured it was time to start reading some Christmas themed stories and getting into the swing of the season- soon I'll be blaring out Christmas Carols. I found this title to be interesting as I also like reading about different religions. Chris was born in America and is a proud American, the only thing that is different is that his family are Buddhists. This year with Chris being fifteen and trying to branch into the world with his music and of course there are girls coming in to the picture along with peer pressure. Chris will find this Christmas as the Buddhists believe and would say "a season of enlightment" as Chris is stuck in the cliche of how does he get what he wants and how does he know what is important and what he wants to achieve , if he doesn't know who he is as a person. My Buddhist Christmas follows Chris through the month of December leading up to Christmas and in various scenarios from his job at the retirement village where his Dad works, to band rehearsels , school and eventually a dip into the possible dating pool and meeting the girlfriend's parents and of course what's a book world without a little family Christmas Holiday drama. 
This was a great teen read and also perfect for guys to check out seeing as the main character is a fifteen year old guy.

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