Friday, January 19, 2018

VBT#: Everywhere Unraveled - Fiona Keane

Everywhere Unraveled (Foundlings Book 2)

Review: Everywhere Unraveled - Book #2 Foundlings Series - Fiona Keane - January 2018
Book #2 picks up with a hurricane coming into the town and Sophia discovering a file on her and her friends that Simon has. Why does someone who works in real estate have files on her and her friends ? Inside the file is pictures of Sophia , Olivia and Jameson . There is another photo of a young boy with the name Gabriel on it. The boy looks exactly like Jameson. Sophia rushes over there to find out the truth and will be opened to a whole new world where she will not know who to trust. After everything Sophia went through with her mother , now she has to go through another wave of deception and decisions especially if she A)wants to be with the one she loves and B) save the ones she loves. It's a no-brainer actually. In Everywhere Unraveled we learn the truth about why Jameson Burke was in the Witness Protection Programme and we discover a bad side of Simon. For a moment there, I thought maybe Sophia's mum death was related to Simon as well as it seemed it was going to go that direction but then it took a different path. With the bad guys closing in on Jameson and now Sophia , she must make a decision to leave and start a new life once again or forget about Jameson and wipe him from her memory - pretend that he never existed. What will Sophia choose ? Unlike Book #1 which featured Sophia in High school situations and drama, this one moves more into the New Adult Romantic Suspense stage with a tad more edginess and urgency to the characters. I am now looking forward to seeing where Fiona Keane takes the next Foundlings Book.

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