VBT# Zora Books Her Happy Ever After - Taj McCoy

Review: Zora Books Her Happy Ever After - Taj McCoy - April 2023

As someone whose books are my life, I can only dream of one day opening my bookstore. Until then, I have to be content with reading about bookstores and their owners and the amazing things that their stores get up to. Zora Books Her Happy Ever After had me at bookshop. I have to admit, I didn't have that high of expectations for this book as I wasn't a fan of her previous one Savvy Sheldon as the character annoyed me with her going on about her weight. However, Zora was amazing and I loved how the writing flowed with this book all the characters even the side characters of Emma and Granny were great. The book starts with author Lawrence doing a signing and talking. Lawrence is one of Zora's author crushes and her dreams come true when he asks her out, but you know when you build up your crush and then the reality can be very different - that's what happens here but at the same time - another guy Reid who just happens to be Lawrence's best friend is also interested in Zora - a Mr. Grumpy but Sweet underneath - the complete opposite to Lawrence.  Zora Books Her Happy Ever After was a sweet easy-to-read romance and very predictable as I had already known what was going to happen after Chapter 3 but the writing and story made up as it was one of those books you could just relax and read and feel good afterwards. If you love books about books and bookstores and don't mind love triangles, then you will enjoy Taj McCoy's black romance "Zora Books Her Happy Ever After".

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3H27huK


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