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Welcome to The Phantom Paragrapher:

Here at The Phantom Paragrapher , we aim to be your number one stop for book recommendations .
From Amish Fiction to Demons and Fallen Angels to Chick Lit and Non-Fiction .
Whether you are searching for Children's Books , Tweens , Teens/YA , New Adult or Adult fiction - Here at The Phantom Paragrapher - we cater to all your literary needs.

Please email

Genres : I tend to accept most genres , however when sending a review request please include a synopsis of your book as this will be the deciding point.

Age of Books/Range : Accept all books be thy childrens, teens or adults , it also does not matter the year the book was published.

Links - If you have a particular picture/link/book trailer that you would like added please send with enquiry.

Extras- If along with the book review , you would like towrite a guest blog- please state in email. I am more than happy to oblige :)

Donations: In order to reach the site to an international level and to cover postage for competitions and the time it takes to read and review a book , donations are accepted where possible. Please email

Please Note : As I work full-time and it is not something that I get paid for , the book reviewing is something I do on the side. I try to review at least one-two books per night. If for some reason,be it promotional etc and need your book reviewed by a certain date ,please state in your email and I will try to comply.

Also authors, publishers - If for some reason , I don't enjoy the book which is very rare but it does occur. In order to still promote your book, I will provide a synopsis and a link to purchase it from.

Reviews and Promotion Status : As I write for several online book review sites , the reviews depending on genre may also be posted on , , and

I promote reviews on FB , Twitter etc

Rating System : I have now put in place a rating system for all books reviewed on my site. Please note all books on my site will have a 3+ Rating

 An Average Read . Can be a Hit or Miss.

     A great read that I guarantee everyone should give a go.

                            An excellent read that everyone should add to your TBR Piles.

If a book has this star, it means it is a Highly recommended read. That means that it exceeds the normal 5P rating system.


  1. Hi Paula, where to submit a review request?

  2. Not sure how I submit my request for review?

  3. Hi Paula. I'd love to submit my new book to you for potential review. How do I do so? Thanks!

  4. Hello!
    I'd love to connect and collaborate with you (somehow!)
    My work outlines practical and creative ideas inspired by love in the quest for wellbeing.
    In Fit for Joy, I wrote about the paradox of two realities that don’t match: physical health and mental chaos. The idea was to start a conversation about the “true” meaning of health. 
    As a podcast host, I am in search of meaningful truths, ideas, and insights about mental and spiritual health that can awaken new ways of thinking, leading us toward a new way of being — Being Well." 
    Would you be interested in any or a combination of:
    - A podcast interview: A Quest for Well-Being- Guest blogging- Book review or book review exchange
    Much Love,Valeria 
    Podcast Page:


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