Wednesday, June 18, 2014

VBT# Whole Latte Love - Rachelle Ayala


Review: Whole Latte Love - Jewels in Love Series - Rachelle Ayala - May 2014

Growing up, Carina Chen always had one thing drilled into her- to become the best she is and by working hard and no playing and of course, no distractions which included boyfriends. Now at 19 years old, she has landed herself a good banking job with a firm in San Fran called Mogul. Now of course, all she needs to do is find a suitable apartment and her college friend happens to know someone who needs a flatmate. Enter Dylan Jewell , he is the son of a rich banker but who prefers to give back rather than revel in his wealth. He prefers the easy life of being a musician and slinging lattes at the coffee shop he works at - hence where the "Latte" part of the title comes from.  Things are about to get a bit intense as Carina ends up working for Rebecca whom we discover is Dylan's ex and is also about to become his new Step-Monster. Rebecca wanting dirt and gossip on Dylan, decides to take the upper hand and starts to offer Carina good positions and job offers if she becomes her puppy per se. Carina, needing this job and not wanting to lose it reluctantly accepts but what will happen when she starts to actually fall for Dylan and vice versa.  As readers , we can all guess what will happen and as we are all know in reality - these situations never end well. Will Dylan be ever able to forgive Carina ? Will he give her  a second chance at Love ? 
This book unlike Taming Romeo , was a tad harder to read as it really is a "game playing" novel and at times I wondered why on earth Carina didn't just tell Dylan and why she let it get out of hand as Dylan had contacts so he could have sorted it . 
If you are looking for a Contemporary Romance novel and don't mind the whole "Games playing scenarios" , then check out "Whole Latte Love" by Rachelle Ayala.



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  2. Thanks Paula for your review. :) These two certainly learn a lot.


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