Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Harlequin's Very Valentines Reads Blog Tour Featuring Sara Arden

Today on The Phantom Paragrapher as part of The Harlequin's Very Valentines Reads Tour we have stopping by Author Sara Arden who has just released Book #3 in her Home to Glory series "Unfaded Glory". As "romance" is a big part of Valentine's Day, author Sara Arden has shared with us "Her Perfect Date".

My Perfect Valentine’s Date

This is such an interesting idea because I generally have wretched luck on Valentine’s Day.
When I say wretched, I don’t mean I happen to go out with someone and it rains, or I lose my lipstick. No, I’ve been dumped on Valentine’s Day more than once and the jewel in that crown is the time I was chased through a not so nice part of the city by an ex-boyfriend who decided he’d had just about enough of my lip. With an ax. So, Valentine’s Day used to make me just a bit skittish.
In truth, all that matters is that you’re with the person you love, the person who makes sparks fly in your bones and butterflies slam-dance like they’re at a rave in your tummy.
I think that just once, I wouldn’t mind the traditional special occasion date with all the trimmings. I’ve never had that.

I’d like to be picked up with a limo, he’s wearing a suit, go to a nice restaurant with gluten free dessert options. I want to start out with coffee and take our time, talking and laughing. Enjoying each other’s company. After a tasty meal, we’ll get our dessert to go, take a carriage ride and hold hands. We won’t be able to stop touching each other; we just want to be close. Since we won’t want the night to end, we’ll have a midnight picnic under the stars with our to-go desserts. Maybe there will be flowers, or some other small trinket of his affection and I’ll give him mine. Because ladies, it’s not all on the gents to make it special. Then we’ll make out for hours because kissing is my drug of choice—we’ll be drunk on each other. Maybe we make love under the stars, maybe we go skinny dipping, maybe we just drive down country roads all night listening to the radio and holding each other. When dawn comes, no one goes home because being together is home.

Or maybe we just watch Archer reruns, eat some pizza and have some dirty sex and hope the company downstairs doesn’t hear the bed thumping against the wall. I spend the money that we would’ve spent on the date on my next Sephora order and buy him some new underwear and socks. Then we spend the rest of the evening playing Cards Against Humanity.
Both would be equally special and magical to me because of who I’m with. 


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