VBT# Defenseless - Elisa Dane

Review: Defenseless - Book #3 The Diamond Girl Series - Elisa Dane - January 2015

One thing I love reading about is Cheerleading, I guess it goes with the I can't do it in real life so I will read about it and that's sort of the same thing philosophy. In Defenseless , we meet  Claire Reilly , whose whole life revolves around her friends and her cheerleading squad The Diamond Girls. The book starts with the girls arriving to the gym for practise as they are preparing to enter into the X-Factor Cheer Competition , when they discover that their school gym has been trashed and the main suspect turns out to be Tayla's black sheep of a cousin Ryker Vaughn. Tayla is Claire's best friend. One night the girls are headed to watch the Superbowl and have a fun night out , when Tayla is running late. Claire sends her a text and waits , then tragedy strikes and Claire learns that Tayla was in a car accident. A few days pass and it is the day of the funeral and Claire can't help but believe it is her fault that her best friend is dead - if only she didn't send that text message. At least she has the Cheerleading competition to look forward too , that is until she learns that due to Tayla's death - they will have to pull out as no-one can take her spot. Enter in Ryker,  though his whole life has been around MMA , he is fit and is exactly what they need to win. Will Ryker accept the challenge and do it in Tayla's memory ? Will Claire accept this or will this make it harder for her as lately she has been feeling butterflies towards Ryker ? 
Defenseless is your average teen romance story with a tragedy and life in the High School lane as well as Cheerleading competitions. 
Readers, if you are looking for a Cheer-rific teen novel to read , then reach out those "spirit fingers" and grab a copy of Defenseless by Elisa Dane.


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