Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Review: Why Not ? - Carey Heywood

Why Not? (Love Riddles Book 3)

Review: Why Not? - Book #3 Love Riddles Series - Carey Heywood - January 2017

Do you remember your high school or college crush? What would you do to get his attention? For Reilly, growing up her high school crush was Trip. When she was in high school, she would have done anything to be noticed by Trip even make the odd trip to his frat house and steal his boxers. That's a story for later in the book Why Not? They say Funerals can either bring out the best or worst in people and for Reilly and Trip it brings out the horny as they end up doing it in the playground picnic area. The sex is really good, and one thing leads to another, and the pair starts a no-strings relationship. What happens though when one night leads to a discussion of kids and Trip makes it loud and clear that children aren't in his future. This is something I am personally going through at the moment as I want at least one child and the partner is at the stage where he doesn't see himself having children. One night of passion and fury leads to Reilly feeling ill and evidently pregnant. What will happen when she tells Trip, will he leave her and she become a single mother or will he step up to the plate? I did like how we were introduced to Trip's family and that they were out of the box, I loved it as they were so earthy and I fell in love with his parents. Why Not? Doesn't just have the romance factor as it is also filled with suspense and sad moments as Reilly has a stalker and he will go to lengths to make sure he has Reilly all to himself, and no-one, not even her work colleagues will stand in his way to get to Reilly. Will Reilly and the baby be alright when attacked? Find out in Book #3 Why Not? By Carey Heywood. A book that shows readers that with love can come surprises and sometimes what someone might say or do in one situation doesn't matter when you are with the right person or "the ONE" in this case.

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