Saturday, January 14, 2017

VBT# Dear Life - Meghan Quinn

Dear Life

Review: Dear Life - Meghan Quinn - January 2017

As those who have previously read any of Meghan Quinn's books, you will know that she is the Queen of Romantic Comedy so for those who grab Dear Life, you will be in for a shock. Dear Life is not a romantic comedy, it is a serious book about life and moving forward. This is what I believe is the perfect read for January as we all talk about New Years Resolutions and what we want to do with our lives. In this book, we meet four people who have all suffered a loss in their lives in one way or another which has caused them, in turn, to lose themselves in the process. We have Hollyn who had the perfect marriage and life until one day her husband was taken away from her. Hollyn sunk into a depression and lost her wit and spark. Jace had it all with his NFL Career, endorsements and chicks to go around until one of those girls became pregnant and dumped the baby on his doorstep. Growing up in foster care, Jace did the right thing by adopting the baby out to two great mums, but part of Jace is grieving the loss of his daughter Hope. Carter grew up in a not-so-great household, and when his parents were killed he lived with his Uncle who was just as bad, all Carter wants to do is Cook and one day own his resturant. What happens though when just as he saves up enough, his girlfriend Sasha steals his money and leaves him back in square one and just as cynical about life as ever. Daisy grew up sheltered as it was just her Nana and her, now her Nana is dying, and Daisy is living with her half-sister Amanda out in the big wide world. Daisy needs to find herself and learn about Life if she is going to be able to move forward. Enter the Dear Life programme, designed to help you move through the five stages of grief and reclaim your spark and joy in life back. These four get grouped together. Read as we watch them take two steps forward, then back and grow throughout the novel and learn to rely on one another during their dark days. Though this is a more serious novel,  Meghan Quinn has put in some of her humour throughout the pages, and I wondered too if she had used some of Steph and her personal experience with the adoption process. 

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