Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Review: Prom Queen - Bad Boy Homecoming Series - Katee Robert

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Prom Queen (Bad Boy Homecoming, #3)

Review: Prom Queen - Book #3 Bad Boy Homecoming Series - Katee Robert - June 2017
Jessica Jackson and Jake Davis were the IT couple of their high school. He was the football star and headed places with his possible sports career, and Jessica was the cheerleader and Miss Popular but also the mean girl. Their happiness was short-lived though as they broke up and went their separate ways. Now ten years later it's time for their high school reunion. Jessica isn't looking forward to going as she was the ultimate Mean Girl at their high school and wrecked havoc with everyone. Think Blair from Gossip Girl meets Regina George from Mean Girls and you have Jessica Jackson. Her life though isn't filled with the glamor she had hoped for, and in fact, she is single too. Dreading going back to the reunion especially since she isn't the same girl she was then as she had a Saul/Paul moment. Jessica's friends tell her about this site where they can hire dates for things like reunions. Her friends sign her up, and unbeknownst to them, the site is owned by none other than her ex-boyfriend from High School - Jake Davis. Seeing this as a possible revenge ploy towards Jessica, Jake agrees to go as her date but imagine Jessica's surprise when she notices her date is Jake. As the book goes along, is this second chance at happiness for the pair? Also, we read as maybe coming home for Jessica was the best thing to happen for her to grow as a person and finally stand up to her family especially her mother.  What will happen though when Jessica and Jake realize that letting go of the past and past mistakes isn't as easy as it sounds ? Will Jessica and Jake make it through this Reunion weekend together or will their second chance romance be over before it has even begun ?
Find out in Book #3 of the Bad Boy Homecoming series "Prom Queen."


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