VBT# Girl on the Verge - Pintip Dunn

Girl on the Verge

Review : Girl on the Verge - Pintip Dunn - June 2017

Though Girl on the Verge has a strong focus on Kan and her American-Asian roots and the trying to fit in with her friends, this story isn't about Kan. Its main focus is on Shelly. Kan's dad has passed away, and her Grandmother has come to live with them as Kan's mother works long hours at the local hospital. When a patient is killed, Kan's mother takes in Shelly - a teenage girl about the same age as Kan. Kan has always wanted a sister and sees this as an opportunity to have someone around whom she can bond with. What she doesn't realize though is that there is something strange happening with Shelly. As we learn Shelly doesn't like to share. First Shelly will start to isolate Kan away from her friends and prove to Kan she doesn't need anyone, then it will be subtle things like copying and dressing like Kan and try to steal her boyfriend but what will happen when Shelly takes things too far and tries to rid Kan of her life once and for all ? Kan decides to do research on Shelly and the death of her mother and will unravel family skeletons and dark secrets. Can Kan save her life before Shelly decides to take everything that belongs to her? Girl on the Verge ended on a major cliffhanger, and the twist had me going OMG. Girl on the Verge was a book completely different to her Dystopian series and was a good thriller by Pintip Dunn. After reading this and enjoying I am looking forward to reading The Darkest Lie. 


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