Monday, April 25, 2011

Review; Claudia's Big Break - Lisa Heidke

Are you ready for some Girlfriend Fiction, something nice and light to read ?

Review: Claudia's Big Break - Lisa Heidke - 2011

Lisa Heidke has done it again, with another fabulous Chick Lit Novel and in this case Claudia's Big Break comes in more ways than one. Claudia has a habit of sleeping with men that really are unavailable , for instance her boss Marcus. In order to as it seems sever their ties, Marcus sends Claudia on a two-week vacation all expenses paid to Santonori , Greek Islands. It has been ten years, since Claudia and her two best friends last went on a trip , so she decides to invite them on the journey and as it seems this journey maybe the answer to exactly what they have been seeking. So Claudia and her two friends plus Sophie's baby Levi accompany her to the Greek Islands, along the way however the trip comes with a stipulation - deliver an envelope to Con and get him to sign the papers and send back to Marcus- seems easy enough. However as the story progresses we see lots of big breaks developing as Claudia's friend Tara is looking for a way out of her old rut of a life and meets single mother Angie , has Tara found a passionate spark in Angie ? Sophie feels that her life is stuck just as a mother and yearns to find that spark she had before she become a mother , can this be found on the Greek Island ? and Claudia has met Jack, thougb it seems Jack is hiding a secret, he is in fact a Private Investigator hired by Marcus's wife and his target is Claudia. Read as the story develops and we note lots of fun friendships, times and a whole lot of laughs and self-relection and discoveries about the infamous Trio that is Claudia, Tara and Sophie. Looking forward to more books to come my way by Lisa Heidke, one of my favourite across the ditch Aussie Authors.

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