Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review: Little Girls Lost - J.A Kerley

Wanting more Carson Ryder Action ?


Review: Little Girls Lost -Carson Ryder Series - J.A Kerley- 2009

As a fan of the J.A Kerley books and the fact that I have read all but two  and out of those 2 - one is sitting on my bookshelf and the other is to be released in September 2011 , I'd say Im a pretty good judge when it comes to his books and I tend to really enjoy them, however with Little Girls Lost , unfortunately I have to say I was disappointed though thinking back this could have been due to a number of reasons . They are 1) the book was in Large Print - Im not normally a Large print reader as I have a thing against it and see "no offense readers" but Large Print is for old people and Im not just ready personally to take the step into reading Large Print though if the book is only available then it's a put my pride aside and read as I love the author to bits 2) There was no Jeremy - Im so used to there being a Jeremy in the book , you know Carson Ryder's pyschotic brother , they mentioned his name and about him but there was no random appearances , no phone calls -nothing linked to Jeremy and 3) Again with the characters - J.A Kerley's books have always had the duo of Carson Ryder and Harry Nautilus and Harry being attacked in the previous book was out of action, so this was a solo act and a new partner . For me personally I just couldn't really get into the story , in Little Girls Lost we see Carson team up with Sandhill aka The Gumbo King to help solve the disappearances of three girls and one murdered as it seems somebody is snatching and selling them on the black market and once again the heroes are on the case before a next one is hurt and the other sold.
If you want a good mystery and serial killer novel to sink your teeth into , then definitely add Little Girls Lost to your must-read list but if you are a J.A Kerley fan , don't rush in with high expectations as you could see yourself like myself and be a tad disappointed.

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