Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Risky Business - Nicole O'Dell

What If ? A major question in some our lives , do you remember as a child -the pick-a-path novels where you chose your own adventure ?
Author Nicole O'Dell has written a Christian Teen Series similar to the choose your own adventure though with her series Scenarios it's more like Choose your own Consequences.
SCENARIOS 3 & 4--Risky Business: 2 Interactive Stories in 1 (Scenarios for Girls)

Risky Business - Books #3 and #4 of Scenarios Series - Nicole O'Dell - April 2011

Have you ever thought about what the consequences of your actions could lead too ? What is right and wrong and sometimes , though at the time -it seems you won't get caught or by doing the right thing, you could lose what you thought you had as we read in Book #3 and Book #4.

Book #3 is titled "Magna" and tells the story of three friends who decide to look for a job at the retail shop "Magna" in order to earn money and get a discount on the clothes, so they all apply. However , there is only one opening at this time. So which friend will get the job, Will it be Sara , Jessica or Molly ? Molly ends up with the job and from the start , you can see that retail and fashion are her passion . When her friends and others at school , ask her for a discount -she offers them discounted coupons, but when her friends decide to take it a step further and ask Molly to steal for them , will Molly decide to do the right thing or will she do wrong and what will the consequences of each action be ? The Novel gets up to the event like a normal book and then you -the reader are left to choose the action and depending what action you choose afterwards it does give you the option to see what happened if you had chosen the other.
For Molly, if she choose not to go along with the plan , she lost all her so-called friends but kept her job and if she did go with the plan, she lost not only her trust with her family but also she lost the job she had done so well in , all in the name of peer pressure.

In Book #4 Making Waves we are presented with Sophomore Kate Walker who decides to try something new and finds herself on the Swim Team . At first , it begins as a bit of fun but soon Kate realises that it is something she has great talent at and soon all her time is made up of practices and practices and of course the goal of making it through championships and coming out in Gold -First place. What Kate doesn't realise is that the others on the swim team are taking things to the next level with drugs , caffeine and of course an energy pick-up called Red Dragon. It does seem harmless but when the pressure comes to Kate, will she readily accept their illegal concoction and participate in the competition, knowing inside her that it was wrong and she cheated or will Kate do what's right and make her own way through the championships -the correct way with hard work , endurance and perserverance. Will her so-called team mates turn on Kate when she declines or if she readily accepts what happens when the swim coach finds out , will it turn out to be a short-lived career in swimming for Kate ?
Find out in Making Waves with Book #4 of Scenarios.

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