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Review: The Spring of Candy Apples - Debbie Vigue

Wanting a nice light-hearted teenage christian fiction read , one that for a change is not too heavy on your mind as we have been experiencing lately with the rise of Edgy Christian Fiction ?

The Spring of Candy Apples (Sweet Seasons Novel, A)

Review: The Spring of Candy Apples - Sweet Seasons #4 - Debbie Vigue -Jan 2009

As it seems more often than not, I tend to occur a habit of reading series out of order due to the way that my library purchases them, as today's book is a series that I read a review about years ago and it looked like something great and back then , the library did not purchase the series but today in new books, what do I see but Book #4 in the series, so of course without any hesistation I took the book and went straight to reading it.
The story focuses on the main character Candace aka Candy who has just found out that she has been nominated and is in in the top 5 running for a scholarship at Florida Coast College. However this Spring is about to become a time of new beginnings for Candace as she experiences relationship problems , enemies who soon become frenemies , future education choices, drama and of course most important thing in Candace's lfe is God.  The saying and bible verse , " when God closes one door , he open another " definitely rings true in The Spring of Candy Apples as we see numerous doors close and twice as many open this season for Candace.
As we readers move into a new season , depending where in the world you are - will it be a summer of hope and love and of course fun in the sun, or will it be a winter of sitting in front of the fireplace, snow in your frontyard and a time to reflect .
As always , this was a perfect read and a series , I wouldn't mind backtracking and reading Books 1-3

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  1. I never heard of this book before, it does sounds okay. ;)


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