Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review: That's When I Talk to God - Dan and Ali Morrow

Following the theme of Prayer , we have Charles Stanley's book for the Young Adults to Adults and for the preschool to school aged children we have Dan and Ali Morrow's book "That's When I Talk to God".

That's When I Talk to God

Review: That's When I Talk to God - Dan and Ali Morrow , Illustrated - Cory Godbey - April 2011

To follow the theme of prayer which as I said in the review below, is something that I am not that confident in doing , I thought that I would review That's When I talk to God by Dan and Ali Morrow. As a child, I was briefly taught how to pray by my mum and dad and touched briefly in Sunday School sessions , but I think that it is an important skill to teach our children - the next generation . That's When I talk to God is a picture book that teaches children that praying can be even for the simple things like thanking God for the marvellous weather we are having or if you have made a new friend, thank god for giving me a new friend (insert name) to play with today. The book follows a little girl through her week's events and each time something happens , she prays to god for thanking him to praying for protection to even apologizing to him for having a bad attitude.
A Fun book that I think every Christian parent should have and that every Sunday School should use as a resource in teaching prayer and the power of prayer.

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