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Review: Promise Me - Richard Paul Evans

Do you love reading those tales of inspiration ? One's that when you read them, all you can think is "WOW".

Promise Me

Review: Promise Me - Richard Paul Evans - October 2010

As a reader, every now and again you will read a book that will leave you thinking "WOW" that was such an awesome read. For me as I read sooo many books , when I come across a great one, it means for me that it is top of the market range.  Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans was just that. Author Richard Paul Evans is known for his tales of Inspirational novels and the best thing is that they are short as well and don't take too much to digest as they are short, simple but meaningful and deep and they are written in a way that everybody will interpret something differently and once you have finished reading it , you will go away and reflect. For me personally I find his writing to be philosphical fiction.
Promise Me reminded me of the films "The Time Traveller's Wife" and "The Lake House" with a dash of "The Ultimate Gift" and "Sundays at Tiffany's".
In the novel we are presented in current reality of Beth who is preparing a christmas dinner and as she goes to her jewellery box , she is presented with two necklaces. Neither necklace she has ever worn. The necklaces take her back to events that happened eighteen years ago , that changed her life forever. The first was finding out that her husband was cheating on her and the necklace was a make-up present and the second was meeting Matthew who presented her with a necklace. However both had dark secrets, Marc -Beth's husband was dying and only had 3-6 months left to live and Matthew was from the future.  Beth then tells the story of her life events leading up to the present where we discover that her Matthew is the same Matthew that married her daughter Charlotte eighteen years later.
An amazing and profound novel that you can't really describe and one that should be at the top of your To be Read Lists and if you are anything like me then your lists go on and on and on .....

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