Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: Mistress by Midnight - Nicola Cornick

Wanting a historical novel filled with scandal, sex and more scandal ?

Mistress by Midnight (Hqn)

Review: Mistress by Midnight - Nicola Cornick- November 2010

Set in the 1800's , author Nicola Cornick brings us the latest book in her Scandalous Women of the Ton Trilogy.
After his father's passing Garrick, must now inherit the responsibility of becoming the new Duke of Farne after being on his own for twelve years reeling from his wife's death and then the betrayal of his friend Stephen whom he is rumoured to have mudered who was at the time his wife's lover . Definitely what I would call a Scandal especially in the 1800's. Moving into the family home , Garrick on the first night is accustomed to not just one woman but two. The first is Lady Harriet who wants nothing more to be the Duke's next wife as her goal is becoming Duchess of Farne. The second is Lady Merryn Fenner , who is in fact hiding a secret of her own - she has come back to Farne to gain revenge on Garrick for the murder of her brother Stephen. It has been years since they last set eyes on each other , which for Merryn is an fortunate upper-hand as Garrick does not recognise her. However , there are facts surrounding that night and what actually happened twelve years ago that nobody knows , not even Merryn. When Merryn does discover what really happened that night and the details about the way he died , Garrick must now do something to stop those details from becoming public. Soon the only decision for both of them is to unite in marriage, however as tensions flare between them can they pull it off or are they really falling for each other ?
Find out in this amazing finish to a wonderful trilogy and Mistress by Midnight is based on events that happened in 1814 when the London Beer Flood occured as a Vat on top of the Brewery in Tottenham Court road exploded flooding the streets and claiming many lives. One of those was a man who died of Alcohol poisioning by drinking too much of the alcohol on the street.

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