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Review: Blood of a Werewolf - T.Lynne Tolles

Wanting a novel filled with Paranormal Romance from Witches to Vampires to Werewolves , One that will have you spouting off Witches, Vampires and Werewolves Oh My.

Blood of a Werewolf (Blood Series - Book 1)

Review: Blood of a Werewolf - Blood Series Book #1- May 2010

Are you a fan of the series Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith and True Blood by Charlaine Harris ? If so then this may be a series that you will enjoy as whilst reading it , I got a glimpse of the similarities between The Vampire Diaries and the Book Blood of a Werewolf. From the fact that the main characters are in fact ancestral witches similar to Bonnie was on Vampire Diaries , however in this case the witches are two sisters Darby and Rowan O'Rielly. The other similarity is that two brothers turn up Blake and Devon who are in fact -get ready for it - Vampires just like Damon and Stefan Salvatore and then of course chuck in some werewolf like Tyler Lockwood. Sorry if this post is going all Vampire Diaries on you as I have just finished watching Season One and I am so wrapped in and can't wait for Season Two. :)
In Blood of a Werewolf , we read as Darby and Rowan O'Rielly discover that they are in fact descended from witches and have inherited their powers but have never been taught the art of witchcraft. Enter in two hunky brothers Devon and Blake who are hiding a dark secret - they are in fact "immortal" and are of the Vampire variety. When a Van-Helsing Vampire Hunter arrives and threatens to harm the brothers, Darby unleashes her magic touch in order to save them from harm. However , when the VH gets riled up they retaliate by kidnapping Rowan. During the kidnapping, they inject get ready for it- Werewolf blood , think the Van Helsing movie with Hugh Jackman into Rowan and now we read as Rowan undergo's the transformation to Werewolf . Will Darby be able to save her in time or will it be too late as Rowan's body struggles with the transformation?
A fast-paced novel that leaves you wanting more and if you love the Urban Fantasy Vampires, Werewolves and Witches this is right up your alleyway.

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