Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: For Time and Eternity- Allison Pittman

Ever wondered what it would be like to go from worshipping God to living a Mormon life ?

For Time and Eternity (Sister Wife)

Review: For Time and Eternity - Allison Pittman - Book #1 Sister Wife Series - August 2010

For Time and Eternity is the first of a series by Allison Pittman and follows the life of Camilla Deardon , in June 1850 where our novel  starts we see Camilla as a fifteen year old girl who finds herself torn between what she believes and the mormon way of life as living next door to Camilla is a Mormon Church camp and when Camillia meets teen Nathan Fox , for both of them it is love at first sight. So Camilla , does what any lovestruck teenager does and leaves her family and everything she has ever believed in to move in with Nathan at the Mormon Cult. Soon Camilla has left everything she has ever known and married Nathan and become a Sister Bride , in the next five years we see Camilla become a mother to three children and lose one baby boy and we also see the introduction of Nathan's second wife Amanda which will be the turning point of the novel as Camilla soon re-discovers that the life of Mormon's goes against everything she believed and was taught and that there really is no God in the Mormon Church, just false prophets. We read as Camilla starts to teach her children and their housekeeper about the "true" god and read as the consequences of her actions are carried out , this novel leaves you on a bit of a cliffhanger but at least it provides at the end of the novel - a first chapter insight into the second novel in the series "Forsaking All Others'. Included in "For Time and Eternity" is also a readers Discussion Guide and a Q & A with the author.

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