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Review : Rogue Angel - Book #4 : Chosen - Alex Archer

Wanting more adventures of Chasing History's Monsters Host Annja Creed ?

The Chosen (Rogue Angel, Book 4)

Review: Chosen - Rogue Angel Series Book #4 - Alex Archer- Jan 2007

Welcome back to the 4th installment of the Rogue Angel series by Alex Archer. Chosen takes us to the land of New Mexico where we meet up with archaeologist Annja Creed, while on a dig she hears about a holy phenomenon happening. It is said that a boy jesus is appearing to those and warning them of danger before its about to occur. In New Mexico, they call it Santa Nino - The Holy child and if that wasn't enough there have also been sightings of what is called "The wailing women" which is said to have evil attached to it. Sensing that their is more to the story and since it is right up Annja's alley , she decides to stick around, but of course according to folklore , the Santa Nino and the Wailing Women are said to hold amazing powers . Now we read as of course, the novel starts to pick up like the usual Rogue Angel novels with corrupt priests , our lovely arch-enemy Garin Braeden as he wants the Joan of Arc Sword back and has enlisted the help of hitmen and of course we have helpful professors and history buffs. Read as Annja has to fight off not one, nor two but a dozen hitmen throughout the novel in a war against Gun Vs Sword.
As always Chosen by Alex Archer proves to be a fun, fast paced, history filled novel brimmed with action and adventure as Annja once agains fights to save her life from danger .

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