Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: Second Grave on the Left- Darynda Jones

Wanting a fun light hearted novel that includes the supernatural with PI skills ? Have you read
First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones ?
Review: Second Grave on the Left- Book #2 Charley Davidson Series- Darynda Jones - 2011
When I read First Grave on the Right , I loved it to pieces as I fell in love with the character of Charley Davidson who turned out to be one awesome chick with the ability to not only see the dead and help them cross over but she also runs her own PI business and can kick some serious butt and then she topped it off by falling in love with the Son of Satan Reyes.
In Book #2 Second Grave on the Left we are reunited with Charley and her best friend Cookie as they get a mysterious note saying that Cookie's friend Mimi has disappeared. It starts off just like any normal police case but of course, trouble seems to follow Charley everywhere and the case starts to take and form a life of it's own as Charley and Cookie discover that over twenty years ago, something bad and big happened and now everybody involved in the incident and class that Mimi was in is dying one by one. Can Charley and Cookie solve the case with the help of Garrett and Uncle Bob before Mimi is next to kick the bucket ?
Reyes has escaped prison and is on the run, though of course he's injured and Charley is desperate to find him before he does anything that she will regret which means leaving his corperal body, can Charley hunt down Reyes before its too late and we also learn the effects of Googling one another in Second Grave on the Left ?
Another fabulous installment of the Charley Davidson series and Im looking forward to reading Book #3 in the series . I definitely recommend the series for anyone who wants a fun, lighthearted paranormal mystery.

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