Saturday, August 31, 2013

VBT# Catalyst - Jennifer Snyder

Today's review VBT# stop is Jennifer Snyder's book "Catalyst" , the first in her Tethered Series.
Review: Catalyst - Book #1 Tethered Series - Jennifer Snyder - May 2013

Growing up Addison Avery Harmon figured she was just like any other child , until she was 17 and found out that she was adopted and that her biological grandmother has passed away and left Addison, her house by the beach. Addison along with her friend Vera, head to the house this summer to check it out and help Avery decide what she wants to do with it. The town though is giving off the "creepy" vibes and the readers wonder how long it will be before A) Addison  is told who she really is and B) we discover what Addison  is capable of and of course C) we wonder whether the prophecy at the beginning of the novel will happen now that she is back on "home turf" . It seems that in order for there to be a balance of powers , there needs to be all four elements together and now that Addison  is back - power can be restored , but there is evil forces out there that doesn't want Addison  to remember and wants her destroyed . Can Addison survive and learn more about Magick with the help of her new friends or will she find herself on her own ?
Find out in Book #1 of the Tethered Series - "Catalyst".


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