Thursday, May 14, 2015

VBT# Lola Carlyle's 12 Step Romance - Danielle Younge-Ullman

Lola Carlyle is sick of being the odd one out and the one left behind, so when her friend suggests spending the summer in rehab which as her friend Sydney describes it "a spa for celebrities" and that her childhood crush and best friend Wade Miller is there recuperating, there is only one thing Lola needs to do is fake being an alcoholic and be sent there. The plan works and the next thing she knows , she is spending her summer at Sunrise. The thing is that it's nothing like Sydney said and Sydney isn't even at rehab anymore. Now Lola must convince those at rehab that she shouldn't be here. Things though will be an eye-opener for Lola at rehab when her and Wade start to hang out and things aren't exactly what she thought , her mentor Adam though he is annoying -she finds herself falling for him and she actually finds herself making friends with her roommates at Rehab. What will happen though when her exterior is stripped away and her interior and true self is revealed and starts to crumble ? What started off as a fun way to get romantic has suddenly turned real and an emotional rollercoaster for Lola , can she kick it or will she find herself still scared in Step #1. Find out in Lola Carlyle's 12 Step Romance - a book that will begin light but halfway start to touch the inner selves and emotional side of readers.


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