Monday, January 9, 2017

Review: College Affair : Secret Baby - Jane Price

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College Affair: Secret Baby 

Review: College Affair : Secret Baby - Jane Price - July 2015

If you want a hot sexy R18 rated read with the college professor/student storyline, then this isn't the book for you. I had been wanting that and had assumed that this would be one of those books, but in fact, it was a short, sweet second chance romance type book. In this book, we meet May Callister who was a fashion student under Professor Ben Arbour. The pair had a teacher/student romance, and there was the possibility of it turning into something amazing. That was until May discovered that she was pregnant with Ben's baby. May broke it off, and they went their separate ways, he never knew why she left. Now the baby Zoe is six months old, and May is doing well-writing fashion freelance journalism and has been invited to speak at a conference. The conference where Ben - Zoe's baby Daddy is the keynote speaker. One thing leads to another, and he spots her and demands the truth. May tells him, and then a predictable story with an HEA follows with the pair becoming an instant family and Ben and May getting a second chance at true love.  If you want a sweet second-chance college fiction romance, then check out College Affair: Secret baby, but if you want something raunchier then flip to the end of this book as added is another by Jane Price and that one is destined to make your juices flow just by reading the pages.


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