Monday, January 9, 2017

Review: Dead Girls Don't Blog - Pamela Frost Dennis

Dead Girls Don't Blog 

Review: Dead Girls Don't Blog - Book #1 Murder Blog Mysteries - Pamela Frost Dennis - June 2014

I have to admit I was intrigued as a blogger myself when I saw this title as I was like Oooh Blogs. Then when I saw the idea of Dead Girls Don't Blog it got me more interested. I had a whole different story running through my head on what this would be about I soon discovered once I started reading. The book started out fifteen years ago when a girl Lindsay Moore was raped and murdered coming home from a party. The next chapter jumps fifteen years into the future, and one of the convicted Philip Hobart is up for parole. Katy McKenna knew Lindsay from school and was an acquaintance. She can't believe that Philip is up for parole, after all, he not only raped her but murdered her. Katy decides to start up a petition to stop the parole release; this leads her to blog as she needs a hobby. During this book, we have two sides of the story going from Katy's view in the present time and Philip's viewpoint leading from the first time he met Lindsey right up to the day he turned himself in. We also learn the reasoning behind what happened to the other two culprits and why it is only Philip behind bars. I have to admit this was a fast-paced read and I quite liked the twist where Philip's family confronted Katy, and we learn what they went through as well. This showed readers that for every action, there are reactions from both sides of the table and often the convicted, their families can suffer tremendously too. Sometimes just as bad as the victim's families. Dead Girl's Don't Blog by Pamela Frost Dennis was a cozy mystery and reminded me of the type of books that are published by Henery Press.

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