Monday, January 2, 2017

Review: Drop of Doubt - The Academy - C.L Stone

After reading Book #4 and being a bit disappointed as the book started to frustrate me like crazy, I was a little cautious about going into Drop of Doubt. Drop of Doubt, however, was amazing and one of the most intense books so far for The Ghost Bird Series. Drop of Doubt starts off with a fire alarm and then a bomb threat. The bomb threat is left in the room where Blackbourn and Sang were to be and then we discover someone is stalking Sang. It looks like they either want to get rid of her or save her, but one thing is for absolute certain they want Sang away from the Academy boys. From stalking "A" type texts to photographs with threats scrawled over Drop of Doubt was suspenseful. The other thing I loved about Drop of Doubt was that we got to see Dr. Green aka Sean in his element at the hospital as well as affection towards Sang from Blackbourne aka Owen. We were also introduced to a new character Will who attends the same school as Sang and the boys, I wonder if he will be a bigger part of the story. One thing that frustrated me about Drop of Doubt was the fact that everyone is keeping their feelings still to themselves which is causing them to feel resentful and angry. It's like HELLO, tell each other what you are feeling and stop hiding or acting like a spoilt brat. The other thing that I think would have suited this book better was that Mr. Blackbourne talks to the group and tell them what he and North discovered so that they can learn to work together in loving Sang rather than hating on one another and being sullen towards one another as this puts a damper on the story. It is also what reminds me constantly that this is a teen / YA book as well though is that the actions of all of the characters are still quite naive and childish at times. It makes me want to scream to them all "Grow Up and Grow a pair." You all love her, then work together. I am hoping that in the next couple of books that Sang will learn to give the boys her all as I am getting a bit annoyed to of the whole back and forth as it's always like one step forward and two steps back with Sang. 


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