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Review: I'd Rather Be A Witch - Erin Hayes

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I'd Rather be a Witch (The Cotton Candy Quintet #2)

Review: I'd Rather Be A Witch - Book #2 The Cotton Candy Quintet - Erin Hayes - October 2015

I was in the mood for something fun the other day and remembered that I had some books by Erin Hayes, and this one captured my attention while browsing through my Kindle. First off, I have to say not only do I love the title. I have a cover crush on this book, and my hair is similar but more fuschia shade than the girl on the cover. In I'd Rather be A Witch, we meet Jordyn. She comes from a long line of witches and powerful ones at that; she was always treated as a freak except by her friend who later became a boyfriend, Zach. On the night of their prom, they were driving home and was hit by another car. Zach would have died that night if Jordyn hadn't saved his life using magic. The thing is though that by saving Zach, not all of his personality came back and he started to become obsessed with Jordyn. The only way to lessen the curse was to move away from home which Jordyn has done for the past three years and has been working as a professional Mermaid as the water helps to keep her witchy powers under control. Three years later, Jordyn gets a phone call from her sister that her mom is dying. Jordyn returns home, only to find things have not exactly changed and it seems like it's going to get a whole lot worse. I'd Rather be a Witch delves back into Jordyn's family history and has a romantic suspense storyline, which I didn't see coming but thoroughly enjoyed as we got to see more consequences of what happens when you dabble in the dark magic side of witchcraft. I am now looking forward to reading more by Erin Hayes and checking out the first book in this quintet. If you love family saga, romantic suspense with a touch of the supernatural/paranormal then check out I'd Rather be a Witch by Erin Hayes today.

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