Wednesday, January 11, 2017

VBT# Clam Jam - R.C Boldt

Clam Jam

Review: Clam Jam - R.C Boldt - January 2017

Do you love romantic comedies and roommate romances? R.C Boldt's new book grabbed me from so many directions from the fact it was a romantic comedy, a roommate romance and the cover not to mention the title also drew me in.  Maggie has just caught her fiance Shane cheating on her and chucked him out, but now to keep her amazing apartment she has to rent out to a roommate. Maggie, however, has some requirements - her roommate can't be a female or a straight guy. Enter Ryland James aka Ry - he is certain that Maggie is his "one and only," the girl he wants to marry as he has been watching her in a non-creepy way the past couple of months. The perfect situation has arisen as he also needs somewhere to live, the thing is, of course, Maggie needs a gay roommate. So Ry creates a fake gay "open relationship" with his best friend Jake to score the room. What started off as a way to score a room, however, becomes the start of an awesome and amazing friendship between Ry and Maggie and of course their best friends Jake and Sarah. What will happen though when Maggie decides that it is time for her to start dating? Enter Ry - he must now put his romance skills to the test and stop the guys from getting any closer to Maggie otherwise, he will miss his chance with her. This works great until Maggie meets Sean - Ry has met his match with Sean and now it must become Battle of the Bros as they try to outsmart one another for Maggie's attention.  Can Ry let Maggie know he isn't gay and that he loves her before she gives all her love to Sean? Will Maggie be able to accept Ry after he comes clean or will she feel betrayed and hurt and her trust and friendship with Ry be shattered? Find out in Clam Jam. A roommate romantic comedy that will have you falling in love with 80's chick flicks all over again.


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