Sunday, January 8, 2017

VBT# Satisfaction - Lexi Blake

Satisfaction (Lawless, #2)

Review: Satisfaction - Book #2 Lawless Series - Lexi Blake - January 2017
After reading Ruthless where we learned of the revenge plot that the Lawless family had created after their parents were murdered twenty years ago and watching two of the three pass. I was intrigued and wanted more of this revenge plot series. In Book #2 we meet Carly who works for Patricia and is her assistant. Patricia was one of the four that helped in the plan to kill Benedict and Iris Lawless, and it turns to suffer and be ruined. Drew was supposed to be the guy for Carly, but a change of plans happened, and Brandon aka Bran is the one who becomes Carly's partner in crime. Carly desperate to change her life as Patricia also is holding her captive for two more years agrees with Bran and helps to bring Patricia to her knees. Bran is the type of guy who believes that he cannot be loved and of course Carly has been hurt one too many times by the wrong sort of guys so equals the perfect match. Satisfaction was a fast-paced novel, and I have to admit I found this one more suspenseful than the first book Ruthless. I could see where the book was going to end romance-wise and loved the introduction of Shelby and Drew's banter which the next book in the series will be about. I was like YAY; Drew has finally met his match as I loved his character - nerdy yet straightforward, logical and blunt. OMFG the twist at the end of this book had me repeating over and over again "I cannot believe it." It was such a shocking ending and OMG now I cannot wait to read Book #3 as Really, Lexi Blake you had to end this one of a cliffhanger and give us that surprising and shocking ending. If you love revenge plot stories and romantic suspense stories, then the Lawless series is the books for you.

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