Review: Grace and Serenity - Annalisa Crawford

Grace and Serenity

Review: Grace and Serenity - Annalisa Crawford - July 2020

As soon as I heard about this book, I read the blurb and knew I would enjoy it. The other thing that caught my eye was the release date of the book as July 7th is my birthday. The book starts 
off with our main character Grace falling pregnant in her senior year and the father of the baby - a 19 year old guy she met at a party Neil acting like she trapped him and then he calls her names and brands her a liar. He then walks out the door and leaves. Grace then tells her parents and thinking it's early , they go to the doctors to see what options they have and imagine their shock when they learn that Grace only has four months of her pregnancy left which means she has to go through having the baby. In Grace's mind, she calls the baby Serenity aka Ren/Wren. Neil comes crawling back and offers to marry Grace and provide for her and the baby. All is good until he develops a dark side and Grace is soon stuck in this awful cycle of abuse and harm. When Neil almost kills her , Grace realises she must try and leave . However, Neil is savvy and will trap Grace and prove to the world she is a bad mother and wins custody of Ren or as Neil calls her Sarah. Grace found it hard to bond with her baby and now having her ripped away and even worst her family taking Neil's side, Grace feels helpless and desperate for her life to end. She ends up on the street and soon a little boy Jacob appears like a guardian angel for Grace. As Grace spends more time on the street, she ends up in a bad situation where she develops a new name/personality to protect her - Charis . This book I did not see coming ,  the powerful punch that it would pack and I am not normally a crier in books at all, but this book started my eyes tearing up and watering. If you get a chance to read, check it out as Grace and Serenity by Annalisa Crawford is one of those "indie-published diamond in the rough" reads.

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