Thursday, August 14, 2014

VBT# Six Strings - Jen Sanya Williamson


Review: Six Strings - Book #1 - Jen Sanya Williamson - June 2014

When I first saw the title of this book , I thought it was to do with Music and was another musician story but what captivated me the most was the amazing cover , as I loved the colour scheme of the purple and the turquoise - they are not normally two colours that you see together but they work well. This novel though turned out to be so much more as we first meet Riley and her grandmother Mary. Her Grandmother Mary has Alzheimers and is getting worst by the day but her grandmother has something very important to pass onto Riley and she must do before she loses her marbles completely. In Riley's family line, every second female has the ability to time travel six times to different times in their lives, past or present and when they travel , they must open the portal via a musical instrument. For Riley, she has been gifted a Jonah Wolff guitar. He is a famous singer who died when Riley was little but he is much more than that and now Riley must travel back to 1973 and discover the truth. This was an amazing book and it had us wondering what sorts of mischief Riley would get up to in 1973 and whether the people she met would leave an impact on her life in today's society.  Six Strings reminded me of the TV series "Being Erica" with the scenes between Erica and Kai. My only qualm is that it ended on a cliffhanger and had quite an abrupt ending , so now I am hoping that later on we readers will discover whether or not that Jen will be writing a Book #2 as this book has a lot of potential and areas that it could spurn off to.
Six Strings is the Time Traveller's Wife for Teens and is for fans of time -travelling and discovery novels.


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