VBT# Reason and Romance - Jenn Young

Review: Reason and Romance - River Valley - Jenn Young - December 2014

For years, it has always been Adrian and her three sisters and their dad but now they are about to become "The Brady Bunch" , though of course their family dynamics will be anything but , as Adrian's dad has moved his family to Arizona where he has fallen in love with Karen who has three boys.  The oldest boy is in a class above Adrian and from their first meeting they have this whole unrequited love fest going on . One minute they hate each other and the next, they can't keep their hands off one another. What happens though, when they discover that what they are doing is wrong and that no matter how much they try and avoid each other , their feelings for one another stands strong ? Is there Reason with Romance, or when Romance appears does all logic and brain matter go out the window ?
This book was an easy high school read and is suitable for Teens 16+. It also deals with the whole taboo subject of "Incest or Not". It does touch basic on this topic as they are soon-to-be step-siblings and living under the same roof, but at the same time the content in this book is quite mild so suitable for those teen readers rather than just those suited to New Adult.


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