Thursday, July 23, 2015

VBT# Haunted Echoes - Emma Bloom

Haunted Echoes

Review: Haunted Echoes - Spirited - Emma Bloom - July 2015

Growing up Abby knew she was different , she just thought it was imaginary friends she was talking to. When she was little , she didn't realise that they were in fact ghosts -not till her dad died and passed on a message for her family. From then on she knew that she wasn't crazy but that didn't stop her school life from being any better. Abby was beaten and bullied, called names and tormented from the Queen B and her musketeers. Some of the bullying that this trio did , made me feel sick reading the book as I was like -how can someone like that get away with it all. During this novel, things get pretty tough for Abby especially after her Grandma passes away, she was the only one whom Abby thought got her and completely understood the way she was. Abby decides one night, that she just wants peace and quiet and takes a few of her mother's pills which leads to Abby waking up in a hospital bed and eventually the psych ward. Later Abby finds that she is not alone in the world of hearing ghosts and that she is gifted and special, her doctor refers her to a ranch academy where they take on special cases like herself and teach them to accept, harness and control their gifts that they have been born with. In doing so, Abby heads back home while on break to help solve the mystery surrounding Denise - a girl who was also bullied badly by the Queen B and her girls who disappeared a few months ago. I loved the ending as the mean girls got what they deserved.
This is a story that not only has the paranormal aspects of ghosts but touches on the mean streaks of bullying and how bullies can terrify others into not standing up for themselves, but remember readers, bullies never prosper - they will always eventually get what is coming to them.


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